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NDT Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection

NDT Non-Destructive TestingStellar Precision offers all of our non-destructive testing & inspection in-house for full control over our quality, lead-time and affordability. We are able to turnaround inspections under our roof in just a few hours versus a 7-10 day turnaround time if the service was outsourced.

Stellarhas a NDT Level II inspector in-house. We perform magnetic particle inspection on larger parts, or liquid penetrant/dye penetrant (zyglo).  We have the expertise in a variety of non-destructive testing and inspection techniques.

Stellar’s Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection includes:

  • Liquid Penetrant/Die Penetrant (Group I & V)
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Eddy Current
  • Ultrasonic
  • Alloy Identification
  • Visual
  • Radiography
  • Hydro (proof testing)
  • Load Testing
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Impact/Compact
  • Cone Strip
  • Tensile Testing
  • Rockwell Hardness Testing
  • Zyglo Inspection

Stellar’s Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection Equipment includes:

  • Magnetic Particle Testing
    • 1 Magna-Flux P-1500, 1 - Parker Test Yoke, 1 - steel table, 5' x 2 1/2' w/Wet & Dry Magnetic Particle Capability and High Output Pneumatic Fixturing.
    • Parker Contour Probe
    • Magnetic Particle Yoke
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment
    • Kraut Kramer USIP11
    • A Scan Ultrasonic Flaw Detector w/ Assorted Probes
  • Liquid Penetrant Test Equipment
    • Liquid Penetrant Test Kit w/Group 1 Dye Penetrant Testing Capabilities.
  • Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
  • Hydraulic Test Equipment
    • Two (2) Complete Test Units w/5,000 PSI Maximum Pressure

For more information about our NDT non-destructive testing and inspection call 724.523.5559 or click to contact us online.

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