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Integrated Manufacturing Assembly

Stellar Precision’s integrated manufacturing and assembly services provide our customers with efficient production and the best quality control as a single source manufacturer. By having in-house assembly, this reduces lead time to the lowest it can be, making it affordable for all.

We are able to work with a variety of customer orders. For instance, an order made up of 60 items. We are able to do the fit checks to ensure everything aligns as it is supposed to and is working properly. In many cases, we may come across issues up front and are able to work with our customers to successfully resolve them.

If Stellar made all of the parts, we can ensure the tolerances are going to fit together. We install threaded key inserts and do everything that is required to fill in any gaps, welding, press fits, etc. and it is all done in an economical manner. We are confident that our customers are going to be able to open the box and use their tool.

For more information about our integrated manufacturing assembly capabilities call 724.523.5559 or click to contact us online.

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